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Local SEO

Loopex delivers local SEO services to improve your website’s rankings locally. We use keywords that target your city, state and county.

Our goal is to target mobile users in search for nearby products or services and lead them to your business.

We will do everything to get your website on the first page of SERPs including on map results. Our Local SEO services include building citations, optimizing Google listings, building reviews etc.

We use proven local SEO strategies that will get the job done.

Increase Your Business Exposure with Local SEO

At Loopex, our mission is to improve the ranking of your local listing and to establish an online presence for your business. If you have a local business and your target audience is searching for your product or service online, then investing in local SEO is a must to get more local customers.

How often do people search for local businesses?

As Google reports, 46% of all Google searches have “local intent”. This means that people are searching for a product or a service near them. You can thus understand why it is crucial to put your efforts into optimizing your website and into implementing local SEO techniques. Our goal is to help you increase your visibility on Google and other search engines so that your potential customers can easily find you.

Why should you choose our local SEO services?

Our experience and our local SEO services success stories prove just how competitive our services are. We have developed proven and tested

strategies to help you increase your website’s ranking easily, within a reasonable time frame. It makes business sense to rely on our team of top experts.

Once a month, you will get:

– Custom Google Analytics reports about your organic traffic

– A keyword ranking report

– Access to your local SEO specialist anytime you have inquiries or questions

Loopex Digital are experts when it comes to defining our clients’ goals and ensuring they get results. We cater to all business industries and all business sizes. We customize our approach to meet your needs and develop strategies to bring you maximum success. Our vision is to increase your organic traffic, which will translate into high ROI.

Our Local SEO Process

1. SEO audit

2. Defining goals

First, we scan your entire website to find all the issues that are in need of fixing. We give special attention to those issues that deal with local SEO including schema markup. Our audits are comprehensive and include Google my business audit, citation audit, technical audit, and more!


We set defined goals, based on our Local SEO audit results, for each focus keyword and page we aim to rank on local search results.

3. Local SEO citations and link building

4. Content creation

5. Detailed reporting

How does local SEO work?

Search engines gather information about local businesses or local searches using various signals across the web. These signals can be local content, local social profile pages, local links, local citations, etc. Based on these signals, search engines determine which local search engine results are the most relevant for each term.

How will you improve my local SEO results?

Companies use many different strategies to improve Local SEO results. Our approach is multi-faceted. This is because different local signals have an effect on search engines. To begin with, we work to optimize your Google My Business listing. We then collect reviews from your local customers. Another important factor to take into consideration is voice search. People tend to use digital personal assistants like Siri or Google Voice Search to search for local

We strive to list your business and get relevant editorial links on high-profile websites at both the national and local levels. This helps to establish your brand as trustworthy and as an authority in your specific industry.

With local SEO, one of the key strategies we implement is content creation and optimization at a local level. We use content to help you build the authority of your brand or service within your niche area. This will help you drive LOTS of target traffic which, in turn, will lead to an increase in sales.

We will provide you with detailed reports on a monthly basis. These reports will document your local rankings. This way, you can easily keep track of your SEO results. We will also assign you a local SEO strategist to ensure smooth communication between you and our team. This will lead to optimal outcomes.

businesses, particularly in the U.S. We work on “localizing” your content by, for example, featuring local events and news. And, of course, we will optimize your website for mobile usage.

Keywords need to have a local twist, and we do this by making the location a part of the keyword. Additionally, we can open location pages for you, if your business spans across many different locations. Our link-building services will target local websites. Your business will also need to get a local directory citation. We do all this and more to ensure that Google recognizes your business as local. Consequently, your business will show up in local search engine results pages (SERPs)!

How important is local SEO?

About 45% of searches have local intent. That is why it is crucial for local companies to appear on local search engine results pages. There are many courses of action used to get you noticed by local search engines, including a high-quality website. The website should also be an authority within its niche area. Having a quality authoritative website is a great way to get traffic and a free flow of leads.

What are local SEO Citations?

When other websites and online directories cite your business information on their pages, it’s called a Local SEO Citation. The citation must include your business name, address, and phone number (NAP). Google uses this information to track your visibility and authority.

How can local SEO help e-commerce businesses?

The principle behind Local SEO remains the same, whether you are selling a product or a service. If you are selling your products and services online from a specific location, your business will benefit from Local SEO.

What are the key components of local SEO?

Your rankings on Google are affected by many different components, including your presence on Google My Business, backlinks, reviews, citations, and more! Each of these factors needs to be addressed to make sure that your business has good Local SEO results.

Take 25% 16% 15% 14% 11% 10% 6%- 3%-

a look at these key components by percentages by Moz: – Google My Business
– Links
– Reviews

– On-Page – Citations

– Behavioral Personalization Social Signals

What is the difference between SEO and local SEO?

SEO involves being ranked for a wide range of topics and keywords. With SEO no location restrictions are placed on your business. Local SEO specifically helps locally-based businesses.

How long does local SEO take?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question: When will I start seeing results? There are many factors that influence how long your Local SEO will take, for example, the size of the market and the competition in your niche area. If you are working in a competitive area, especially an area that has a lot of local competition, time and effort will be needed to get your website to rank. If you are working in a very specific niche area you are likely to see results quite quickly. The time it takes for your business to rank will also be dependent on the results of your business audit. Some websites are in better shape than others. If your website is in good shape we can easily streamline our efforts!

How effective is social media for local SEO?

Recently, Google has started giving businesses that have a good social media presence an advantage over those businesses that don’t

invest in social media. Google pays attention to the level of engagement your posts and content are receiving. They also notice how often your brand is mentioned across social networks. This is something that is hard to create artificially. People genuinely need to be engaged with the brand and content of your business. Google also pays attention to positive reviews on your business’ Facebook page. That is why social signals are now a very important ranking factor.

86% of people look for information about businesses using Google Maps! If you have a chain of businesses across the country then your biggest priority should be to create location pages on your website for each of your business locations. This way, people who are searching on Google from a specific location will receive a result that includes your closest business location in proximity to them. Each of your location pages needs to include your local business schema markup. Your Google My Business page also needs to include all your location page URLs. This means work needs to be done to verify each of your locations, accurately list working hours, add photos for each location, manage and respond to reviews, and more. Work also needs to be done around link-building, specifically for each of your location pages.


How to optimize for local SEO for multiple office locations



International SEO

At Loopex Digital our team of SEO specialists use international SEO strategies to drive leads and sales from global markets for your business. Together with our network of professional linguists trained in technical SEO writing, our SEO specialists will create a customized SEO campaign for each region that your business operates in. Ultimately, this will increase your organic traffic and sales from all over the world.

What is “international SEO” and how does it work?

International SEO is, in layman terms, geo-targeting on a grand scale. Websites must be customized to meet the needs of every specific location. For instance, your website should be tailored to fulfill the following requirements: the most frequently used search engine in a specific area, the currency and language of the given region, and the keywords that local people are using to search for your product in a specific region.

After we have optimized the main website featuring your native language, we must apply a similar international SEO approach to your regional websites, featuring other languages. After you entirely localize the website for each language, you need to technically optimize the website for each location as well. Generally, the SEO processes behind a single language website are similar to the processes used when optimizing international sites; however, there are two marked differences.

1. Website owners select diverse strategies when attempting to optimize their website for global markets. For instance, some owners may choose to have distinct websites localized with ccTLDs for each area .com,, The others want to have all in one website with a subfolder format, for instance, .com/au or .com/uk. The difference between these two approaches is as follows. If you decide to go with option one (ccTLDs or subdomains) then we must optimize your website from scratch, as it is regarded as a new domain. However, if you decide to go with the subfolder choice (.com/uk) then the authority that you

established for your main website will be intact and will also assist the regional pages.

2. With international SEO we need to do brand new keyword research in each specific language. We don’t simply translate the keywords, but rather, research to understand which terms people are using when they search for your service or product in their native language. After we have completed this keyword research for each of the regions you are targeting, we need to translate your website and optimize it for regional elements.

Why international SEO matters

If your company has an international presence and is selling services or products in various regions of the world, then you must have an international SEO strategy. A strategy that works in one country or region may not be effective in another region. Likewise, a certain page on your site may not have a global interest. Global or international SEO is a means of making sure that your visibility and ranking in various countries is as optimal as it can be.

At Loopex Digital we focus on enhancing your website’s structure and making sure that it appears in search results in various regions and countries. You must have an international approach to SEO if you want to attract web users from around the globe and thus create a business in your key chosen regions.

Why choose our international SEO services?

We can work together with you to localize your website so that your buyers from each region can naturally interact with your product or service. Specifically, they can search and engage with your website in their native language. We, at Loopex Digital, will make sure that your website is translated with the right cultural nuances, for each of your site pages, to establish a global reach.

We use our international translators and linguists, who are versed in SEO technical writing, to create region-specific SEO strategies that are entirely tailored in approach. Our clients thus have the benefit of dealing with one agency that provides multi-market business processes and strategies. It is like you are dealing with local agencies in each target region.

We also have partners around the world who are strong SEO professionals. We include these partners in the process of keyword selection, audience research, content generation, and more.

At Loopex Digital we are giving companies the chance to develop purposeful digital journeys and create significant connections with their worldwide customer base. We do this by facilitating the creation and pertinent, personalize, and optimized content that is also tailored for SEO.

What our international SEO includes

1. Local keyword intent research

It’s not sufficient to simply translate keyword research conducted for a certain region. Rather than translating, we conduct in-depth research into how local people search for specific products, we look at the terms they use and the kind of buyer behavior they exhibit. Once we understand your buyers’ intent we then choose commercially relevant keywords. This ensures that there is a match between the customers of a given region and the local language website.

2. Competitor analysis

We begin competitor analysis and SERP analysis according to the keyword research for every regional area. This analysis aims to understand the movements of your competition, in each given region. We then utilize this data to understand their


strategy and devise the best approach concerning the content, site structure, and more.

3. International site structure

4. International technical SEO

5. Regional content

6. Link acquisition

Do you have distinct ccTLD, subdomains, or subfolders? Are you focusing on distinct languages and distinct regions with identical languages? What is the relationship between your international content and your current site? At Loopex Digital we find the top solutions, in keeping with your general international aims.

We do a technical audit of the main and area-specific websites and rectify all the technical problems connected to URLs, geolocation settings, meta language tags, multilingual internal linking, and more.

International customers have a specific way they search. Your content must give your local customers the feeling that it is created in-market, and that it’s relevant and trustworthy. The tone of voice and imagery you use needs to be considered and specific to every location. The impact that your business makes will increase when you use a native voice that is culturally accepted.

Building links for distinct regions is a hard task, because of the language differences, cultural diversity, and distinct industry behavior. However, links are a crucial part of any successful international SEO strategy. Thus we use our local knowledge to develop a local strategy for every one of your target regions and select markets.

On Site and Technical SEO

You may have an impressive website that is wonderfully designed and has engaging content, but still does not rank at the top in search results. Generally, this is because of technical issues that make it difficult for a search engine to render, crawl, rank, and index your content. Our team at Loopex Digital will find what is preventing your growth and help solve the issues that are slowing you down, with our specialist technical SEO services.

What is “technical SEO” and how does it work?

Generally, technical SEO has two goals:

1. Help search engines render, crawl, rank, and index your content easily and without barriers.

2. Give the best possible user experience without people having to address any technical issues.

Once you have all the technical issues solved, Google can effectively assign and weight the various ranking factors to your website and give rank to each of your keywords relative to a certain page.

Why technical SEO matters

In reality, the majority of business owners do not pay much attention to the technical health of their websites. As such, many technical problems tend to slip through the cracks, sometimes for many years. These minor problems can develop into big problems, given time, and ultimately harm the ranking of your site.

Search engines keep on getting smarter and smarter when it comes to indexing, crawling, and understanding information on your site; however, they are still far from being perfect. If the search engines are having difficulty figuring out the purpose of your site or what searchers desire in relation to your site, they will simply overlook your webpage. Today, search engines are favoring websites that provide high value and user-friendly experiences. This highlights the fact that it is critical for businesses today to have a stable digital base which begins with technical SEO.

Like every building needs a solid structure and foundation, every site on the web requires tangible technical SEO work. By fixing the technical issues you can increase the performance of your site and ensure that it ranks ahead of competitors in your field.

What are the most common issues we see

Accessibility and findability Issues:

Robots.txt blockages
Outdated and broken XML sitemaps Misuse of noindex and

nofollow tags
Broken external and internal links Crawl and index errors
HTTP to HTTPS migration errors

Content related technical issues:

Canonicalization canonical Tag misformation Duplicate content Orphaned content Unoptimized meta data Wasted crawl budget

Site architecture issues:

Poorly defined site navigation Indexed pagination and tag pages

URL Issues:

Over Optimized and under optimized URLs Poor internal linking
Non-descriptive or overused anchor text URLs available under multiple protocols Long redirect chains

Crawl depth issues
Links hidden in JavaScript

Core Technical Issues:

Slow loading times
Poor mobile performance Unresponsive design Image optimization

Why choose our technical SEO services?

While there are various web developers and designers out there who can create an appealing website, not many people (or companies) have the SEO experience and the technical know-how to correctly configure your website for search engines. Our technical SEO wizzes conduct a deep technical audit to find all the issues that are slowing down your organic search potential. We then put together an actionable plan to better the performance of your website. Our expert team creates successful strategies to solve technical SEO issues and to safeguard your site from changing algorithmic updates.

We want our clients to be fully aware of how their website is performing in search results. That’s why we make our expert analysis and insights transparent and pass on our knowledge during weekly calls and in-depth reports:

1. Technical SEO reporting. We give our clients an in-depth report every week to show them any warning/errors we discovered through a technical audit. We also outline how we solved the issues. We provide recommendations for the developers so they can resolve issues connected to the back-end of the website.

2. Friday recap calls. Each Friday we make time to meet with our clients to make certain that the communication between Loopex Digital and our clients is seamless. We want to ensure that our clients are totally satisfied with the progress of our technical SEO. We understand that smooth communication is a central component of an effective SEO campaign and that’s why once a week we dedicate time to ensuring everyone is pleased with the progress being made.

What our Technical SEO Includes

1. Technical audit

2. Backlink analysis

3. Competitor analysis

4. Speed optimization

5. Schema markup optimization

We begin a thorough audit of your website to unmask all the technical issues. We then compile an in-depth list of every issue and how each issue should be dealt with and solved.

Conducting an assessment of your backlink profile is a central component of our technical audit, which strives to determine the quality of your backlinks and recommend disavowing links if necessary.


We identify and examine the competition to compare authority and backlinks, find link-building opportunities so you can get a competitive advantage.

Speed is essential for Google and users. Sometimes a website is too heavily coded or images are not optimized and this can slow it down. We can make modifications to optimize the speed of your site which will decrease bounce rates and create increased page stay times.

Applying schema markup assists search engines. It helps them gain a better understanding of your content and can prompt improved search results including rich snippets, or featured snippets.

Link Building

What is link building and why is it important?

One of the many tactics SEO uses is building backlinks for a website. Google appreciates it when your website has links leading to it. It recognizes this to mean that your website has quality content and is a resource for others to cite. That’s why websites that have more backlinks are more likely to have higher rankings. It’s not only about quantity, but quality also matters a lot. We only want relevant links to lead to your website, with anchor texts that are natural and that make sense.

Is link building still a ranking factor?

Studies show that the number of unique domains pointing to your website is still important. Your goal should be to get a variety of links from different domains, not several links from the same place. It’s safe to say that both the number and the quality of domains can impact your rankings.

Why are our link building services the best choice?

We have a powerful link building strategy that works for businesses in all industries and sizes.

Our SEO strategy aims to

● Establish,increase,andimprovelinkstoyourwebsite,nomatter the industry or size of your business.

● Createauniquestrategyforyourbusinesstogeneratelinks, form relationships, and expand brand awareness.

Loopex Digital has a track record for getting the best links. Our methods are safe, reliable, and scalable!

Our Link Building Process

1. Link audits

2. Defining goals


We begin by analyzing your website’s link portfolio. Our findings become the basis for our customized strategy. In this step, we also weed out the bad or spammy links.

We are very goal oriented. The best way to track our progress is by defining and setting those goals at the very beginning. This step is crucial for us in the long term. This helps us create guidelines that become solid, linkable assets later on.

3. Customizing our strategy

Once we clearly define our goals, we can start to build a personalized link building strategy. Each client has different preferences and goals, and each industry is different. That’s why we customize our approach to our clients’ needs and with scalability in mind.

4. Prospect collection and outreach

Finding the most valuable prospects for future link building partnerships takes intense research. We work hard to find only the best partners. We also take care of outreach and make offers that are mutually beneficial.

5. Delivering links!

Our strategy has one bottom line, to increase your sales. We do this by earning links to your website so that it becomes more visible. Once we boost your traffic, sales can start increasing!

6. Detailed reporting

Transparency is important. We want you to understand how we meet our goals and reach results. We give you detailed reports on our generated links every month so that you can see the results of your investments!